Estimates based on 1/4 cup serving

Raw Sliced/Wedges (about 10 1/2 servings per pound)

Raw Chopped/Diced (about 7 1/2 servings per pound)

Cooked: sauce or in addition to things (about 4 servings per pound)


Tomatoes can last at least a week.

Use with lettuce and/or Salsa for tacos/burritos/fajitas as a fruit/vegetable serving.

Use with lettuce and/or pickles for sandwiches/wraps as a fruit/vegetable serving.

Tomatoes do not freeze well.

Tomato sauce is the best way to save tomatoes that are going bad too fast to use. Cook down tomatoes and freeze the sauce.


Cucumber & Tomato salad:  Dice cucumbers and tomatoes.  Mix with Italian Dressing (or a mix of oil, vinegar, garlic powder, and Italian seasonings).