Summer Squash


Sliced & cooked like chips (about 15 1/2 servings per pound)

Diced & cooked (about 7 1/2 servings per pound)

Shredded (about 10 servings per pound)



Squash does not need to be peeled.

Squash will last between 1-2 weeks.

Dice squash and add to pasta, soups/stews, or mixed veggies.

Diced squash cooks quickly, so add late.

Shredded squash can resemble noodles.

Shredded yellow squash can be used in place of zucchini for making bread.

Shredded squash freezes well. Other ways do not (they get to squishy to use).


Parmesan squash chips: coat slices of squash with egg wash or oil.  Add to mix of bread crumbs (whole wheat panko, homemade from old bread, Italian, or plain) and Parmesan cheese.  Lay on baking sheet without overlapping.  Bake at 375 until crispy.  These unfortunately are hard to serve in large quantities since they get soggy and come apart if put in large containers.

Can serve shredded squash ‘noodles’ with sauce and meatballs.  Add a grain (roll, bread, or breadstick) and a fruit for an entire meal.