Estimates based on 1/4 cup serving

Baked (served as 1/2 a baked potato) (about 2 servings per potato)

Boiled whole, in chunks, diced


Red or Fingerling (about 9 1/2 servings           per pound)

White/Russet (about 9 servings per pound)

Mashed (about 8 servings per pound)

Baked Chips (about 10 servings per pound)

Shredded (about 8 servings per pound)


This page includes all potatoes except sweet potatoes.  Purple, yellow, red, white, and blue are all varieties.

Purple and Blue potatoes take longer to cook.

One of the most versatile of the vegetables.  Yes, even if many adult diets treat potatoes as a grain, it is still a vegetable.

Like all root veggies, potatoes will last several weeks or even over a month.

Best stored in a cool, dark place.

Except for mashing, potatoes do not need to be peeled.

Have veggie soup/stew on the menu every week or two. Use up any fresh vegetables before going bad.  Add canned or frozen vegetables until you have enough for everyone.

Potatoes freeze (cooked or uncooked).

Potatoes make great thickeners for soups/stews.

Boil whole baby potatoes and serve with butter.

You can served baked potatoes (especially if you have many small ones, or serve 1/2 a potato to each child).


Root vegetable stew:  Peel and cut into chunks any variety of root vegetables (parsnips, rutabagas, turnips, carrots, and/or potatoes).  Add to water and bullion or stock.  Add cream of chicken soup.  Cook until vegetables are soft.  We add cut-up cooked chicken and serve over rice.

Cut potatoes into thin chip slices, or fry-like pieces.  Coat with a little oil and salt.  Bake until done.

Potato Salad: dice potatoes (with or without peel-usually without).  Boil until soft.  Drain and cool.  Add mayonnaise, a little vinegar, celery salt, and onion powder.  Mix well & refrigerate.