Government Sites   

This site includes a vast variety of resources including: the CACFP guidelines, Nutrition standards, Food Safety, SNAP information, CN labeling information, and links to many more helpful sites.  ………..the home page of the nutrition section ………………the home page of the child nutrition section

North Carolina State Farmer’sMarket:  ……to find a local Farmer’s Market in North Carolina



Produce Sites


Helpful Tools:

Mandolin: great for slicing in thin pieces (like for pickles or chips), or into long thin strips (like square noodles)

Fry Cutter: these can be table top, or mounted to the wall (on a side note, these can also be used to cut things like pre-cooked chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces)

Dehydrator: necessary for drying fruits, herbs, or vegetables.  This helps preserve those foods before going bad.  After dehydrating vegetables, some can be served as ‘puffs’ to young children.  After dehydrating vegetables, they can be stored to add to soups or stocks. After dehydrating fruits, they can be served as is, or added to biscuits or granola.