Estimates based on 1/4 cup serving

Raw (not as popular with kids) (about 12 servings per pound)

Baked/Boiled (about 9 servings per pound)

Mashed (about 5 servings per pound)


Mashed Cauliflower looks very much like mashed potatoes.

Be sure to blanch if serving younger children.

Cooked/blanched Cauliflower can be frozen.

Have salad/veggie soup/stew on the menu every week or two. Use up any fresh vegetables before going bad.  Add canned or frozen vegetables until you have enough for everyone.

If you have a ricer, you can cook and ‘rice’ cauliflower.  You could serve this with chicken stew or stir fry.  Add a grain and a fruit for a complete meal.


Cottage Cheese Dip: If you put cottage cheese in a food processor or blender, it will break up the lumps, and make it the consistency of a thick sour cream type dip.  Add a flavor packet (like ranch), or seasonings (dill, garlic, onion, etc.) for a dip for fresh veggies.  This is one of the only dip-type items that is CACFP approved as a protein (sour cream is not).

Roasted Cauliflower: Add a bit of oil and seasoned salt to cauliflower.  Bake until done.