Bok Choy/Bok Choi/Kohlrabi


Estimates based on 1/4 cup serving

Wilted or baked: Can slice or chop (about 5 servings per pound)

Raw in a salad (about 9-10 servings per pound)


Will not last long. Would serve within a few days of getting.

Great for Asian inspired stir fry or warm wilted salad


Egg Roll Salad: Cook Chopped or sliced cabbage, Shredded carrots, chopped onions with some ground ginger and garlic in butter.  Add Sliced or Chopped Bok Choy (only takes a few minutes to cook).  Add a little soy sauce at the end.

Stir Fry: Add any combination of vegetables you have (pre-cooked broccoli, sliced/chopped cabbage, bok choy, eggplant, onions, green beans, snow/snap peas, shredded carrots) to a pan with some garlic, soy sauce, and ground ginger.  Add meat of choice (chicken and beef are popular). Bake until warm.  Serve with whole wheat “lo mein” noodles (whole wheat spaghetti), or brown rice for your vegetable, whole grain, and protein serving.  Great to serve with pineapples (or you can add pineapples to the vegetables as part of the stir fry).